Young people often need a loan to set up their own home or to buy a car. The prerequisite for every loan for young people is that they are of legal age. The lending to minors is prohibited in principle, this prohibition is not repealed by the consent of the parents. Although the family court

The form of employment is very important in the process of debt repayment capacity assessment. It determines not only the amount, but also the very possibility of granting a loan by the bank. It is worth remembering that employment based on civil law contracts is not tantamount to rejecting the application for a cash loan.

The fact that employees earn extra income through an ancillary business is becoming more common. Sideline employment occurs when the business only contributes to a small part of the total income. In many cases, it makes sense to initially practice the planned self-employment as a sideline business and only to convert it into the main

A driving license is important, is usually made at a very young age and is expensive. Especially after leaving school, if you do not have your own income, it can be difficult to find the money you need. If the parents or grandparents are not financially able to assist in this project either, only one

All the information about Quick Loans without Aval only DNI Personal loans or consumer loans are one of the most common products marketed by banks and savings banks and one of their main sources of income, since the margin they have on the profitability they obtain is higher than what they can receive for a