Credit works without quotes or invoices: is it possible?

The work credit is subscribed by a large number of households who access the property. When you buy a property, it is often nice to build it to your liking, to add a personal touch to decorating, or to add rooms according to the needs of the family.

However, to be granted by a bank or a financial institution, it is generally advisable to have a solid file, with quotes or invoices written by professionals.

However, not all households have the opportunity or willingness to call on a provider to carry out all of their work. Repainting a wall, mounting a partition, replacing a window, or laying a wooden cladding, many tasks can be performed by individuals who have a minimum of knowledge and have the opportunity to benefit from materials at advantageous rates. On the other hand, work can bring in others and it is not always easy to quantify a real need.

In this case, how? Is it possible to obtain credit without quotation or invoices? Our financial experts bring you the answer.

Get a credit without quote or invoice, it’s possible!

Get a credit without quote or invoice, it

Loans work is a form of credit supposed to allow you to manage your budget in perfect autonomy. However, financial organizations and banks tend to ask you for proof, in the form of an estimate, a purchase order and / or detailed invoice for your work and your purchases of materials, supplies and decoration. This requirement allows them to be reassured about your ability to repay because it reflects the seriousness of your approach. In addition, the credit works is a form of dedicated credit; the sum lent is therefore supposed to be solely for the purpose of carrying out the said work, and not for other purchases or investments. The bank knows what the money is for you.

But rest assured, there are solutions! Either you opt for a credit work reduced or you choose to turn to a consumer credit.

Yes, but under what conditions?

Yes, but under what conditions?

Reduced-price work credit: for small loans

In the case of the reduced-price work credit, there are lending institutions that offer flexible arrangements. Indeed, to benefit from a loan for work without presenting an estimate or invoice, it is not necessary to exceed a certain level of borrowing. The ceiling of this amount varies from one financial institution to another, but it is usually an average of 8,000 USD. So up to this amount, you are free to borrow money without proof. This allows you to buy your equipment and equipment freely, or to call on a craftsman for a small service, without proof of purchase.

Consumer credit: for large investments

The other solution available to you, the loan for consumption. This type of unrestricted credit allows you to borrow a sum of up to 75,000 USD without proof. Convenient for big jobs, expensive facilities and consequent craftsmen! You are thus free to carry out your work, whatever their amount.